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Doretta Ellen Cascinai aka Doré (Author) – now residing in Colorado.

In the State of Nevada at the First Christian Church – Reno, Nevada – March 28, 1949 – Aldo Cascinai and Frances Bell were married. Dorothy Bell (Brown) attended as a witness along with her then boyfriend Stanley Evans. Divorced January 23, 1958.

Aldo Peter Cascinai aka Al (Father of Doretta, Husband of Frances and Second Husband of Dotti King)

Anna (Best friend and lover of Frances)

Brooks Peter Cascinai (Son of Rick Cascinai)

Carrie Cascinai (Grandmother, Mother of Aldo, Wife of Mario)

Chuck Suydam (Husband of Connie, Uncle to Doretta and George)

Connie Suydam (Aunt of Doretta, Sister of Frances)

Dennis G. Hager (First husband of Doretta)

Dorothy Brown (Aunt of Doretta and George, Sister of Frances)

Dorothy King aka Dotti King aka Dorothy / Dotti Cascinai  / Dorothy Moraga / (Second wife to Aldo Cascinai, Stepmother to Doretta and George)

Dr. Martinelli (Al’s best friend)

Frances Marion Cascinai (Mother of Doretta)

George A. Cascinai (Brother of Doretta, son of Aldo and Frances)

George Bell (Father of Connie, Dorothy, and Frances, Grandfather)

Grace A. Mason – Van Hook – Denton (Birth mother)

Grandma Helen – France’s mother

Grandma Ollie – Grandpa Bell’s second wife

Grandpa Adrian – Helen’s second husband

John Brown (Cousin, Son of Dorothy and Ramon Brown)

Kathy Nipper (Daughter of Dotti King /Cascinai, Step-sister to Doretta and George)

Kelly M. Cascinai (Daughter of Rick Cascinai)

Kerry K. Kennard – Cascinai (Wife of Rick Cascinai)

Kyle David Cascinai (Son of Rick Cascinai)

Mario Cascinai (Father of Aldo, Grandfather, Husband to Carrie)

Mary K. King (Dotti’s mother)

Ramon Brown Sr. (Husband of Dorothy Brown and Uncle of Doretta and George)

Ramon Brown Jr. (Cousin, Son of Dorothy and Ramon Brown)

Rick Daniel Cascinai (Son of Al and Dotti)

Ron Cascinai (Son of Al and Dotti)

Thomas Cascinai (Son of Rob Cascinai)